Enshreined in Music

Tatiana Kurenchakova’s debut album “Enshrined in Music”, Artservice LTD.


“Kurenchakova’s interpretation is in every way elegant and expressive, giving us a personal point of view, combined with a high professional level in the proposed activity.”

Italian magazine «Guitart» No. 84, 2016


“From the start of the CD, I know that I am listening to an artist with a solid and powerful technique that reflects a deep musical sensibility… This CD is a beautiful major work, congratulations!”

Ermanno Brignolo, Italian magazine “Seicorde” No. 121, 2017.


“Your playing style is very delicate, very sensual. You certainly have great artistic talent. In a word, you are a “poet”; Your aesthetics is very close to the great French poet Arthur Rimbaud, who wrote the poem “Premonition” in the 19th century. I chose for my music a line from this poem: “I walk along the paths…”

French composer, Eric Penicaut


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